Luxembourg German War Cemetery

by Scott Manning on April 25, 2013

After visiting the Luxembourg American Cemetery, I convinced my German coworker that we should visit the Germany War Cemetery as well. It just over a mile away.

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The following description, photos, and video comes from my trip there on April 18, 2013.

The German cemetery holds over 10,000 fallen German soldiers who fought during the Battle of Bulge.

There is no visitor center, only a doorway with an angel above it.

Luxembourg German War Cemetery

We were the only visitors.

Luxembourg Germany Cemetery

Each cross appeared to represent at least four German soldiers. There were two names on the front and two names on the back.

Luxembourg German War Cemetery

This is the other side of the cross above.

Luxembourg German War Cemetery

There is no chapel, but instead a giant cross in the back that provides a different view of the cemetery.

Luxembourg German War Cemetery

Here is a video scanning the cemetery.

The experience was worth the trip and visitors of the American cemetery should venture out to the German cemetery in order to see the fallen of the opposing side.


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